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THE SPACE RACE Installation artist Ryan Hill creates site-specific displays that bring creative allusion to the environment. ...continued While wit defines Mann’s work, he stands out among his peers for his diligence to craft and curiosity. Next summer, Mann will show his newest body of work at Flashpoint Gallery.Te collection will interpret “American-ness” in six large-scale canvases that reference Italian Renaissance paintings and the cowboy gunslinger romanticized by writers and filmmakers. 46 | | December 2009 4. Ryan Hill Te idea that art should relate to its context— whether as counterpoint or complement—is theMO of installation artist Hill, who first considers the architecture of the exhibit, while creating site-specific displays of his drawings. As an artist, Hill is more concerned with engaging the cultural imagination through ideas and emotions STORM FRONT Zach Storm’s passion for depicting the invisible—moods, breezes, feelings—are sometimes out-of-sight, but never off-the-wall. than making references to art history. Tat said, pop culture, fashion, music and other notions inform his work. Although he’s been making and teaching art for years, most recently at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden and George Washington University, he’s only recently begun to show, and already, the Civilian Art Projects gallery represents him. 5. Zach Storm An artist who pairs intellect with whimsy, Storm turns the most basic component of art, the line, into an evocative tool for expression. Constantly pushing boundaries, his exhibitions of drawings on paper and canvas are always accompanied by wall drawings. It’s there one gets insight into all that’s liberating to Storm. After all, everything is possible when you know it will eventually be painted over. Te artist delights in communicating the invisible—like a gust of wind or the unhappy energy between two people. Storm is represented by Conner Contemporary Art’s gogo art projects initiative and will show next at the arts organization Transformer. continued...

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