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the RadaR | now! answers: 1. d, chef de Partie at kyma; 2. a, chef at farm Burger; 3.B, gm and mixologist at one flew south; 4. c, sous chef, Bistro niko.. Bar Pleiades Photo By melissa hom courtesy of Parasol marketing. pop quiz Jane Fonda’s loft for sale, Warhols not included. Tat’s All Folks! It’s a given: Chefs are zealous about food. But lately many of themare making more permanent platitudes about their passions in the formof food tattoos. Do you love that hamburger so much you’d wear it on your armfor the rest of your life? They do—see if you can link themto their ink. –Danny Bonvissuto 1. Abby McLachlan 2. Terry Koval 3. Jerry Slater 4. Jeff Pfieffer Hot Property A fond farewell to Jane Fonda, who is flying the coop for Hollywood and has put her well-feathered nest, a customloft in Poncey-Highland, on themarket for $4.5 million. Photos posted on the actress’s blog reveal a femme pad with undulating walls of pale pink. We heard that the architecture might have been inspired by a certain Monologue that Miss Fonda participated in, but don’t quote us on that! Paintings by Atlanta folk artist Tornton Dial adorn the walls, but pride of place is given to Jane’s Barbarella-licious own mug —rendered glamorously by Warhol, of course. To buy or lease, contact Tina Hunsicker at Sotheby’s Fine Homes, 404.931.3944. ( FooDiE LEXiCon ) Brocavore: According to Te New York Times’ ChristineMuhlke, who coined the term, the brocavore is a foodie subgenus described as “a dude involved in the local food movement and restaurant scene. Typically identified by his fixed-gear bicycle, tattoos, facial hair and fondness for craft beer in a jar and early Pavement.” (See “Radar People: Eat Peeps”) wAnDERLuST A B C D Retreats With Eats Sure, Paris has its cult cuisine, but lately the beau monde has gone gaga for simple comfort food like Cobb The chic booths at Bar Pleiades (at the Surrey Hotel, NYC) were inspired by a quilted Chanel bag. salads and club sandwiches.What gives? Well, quintessential American designer Ralph Lauren has not only opened an urbane boutique in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, but also a fashionable courtyard restaurant called Ralph’s, whereGatsbyesque glamour is rubbing off on theGallic set >>> Orient Express’s famed Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons has expanded with four chic new suites. Located in storybook Oxfordshire and run by two-Michelin star chef Raymond Blanc, the retreat is the Brit version of French Laundry. Book the Blanc de Blanc suite, which boasts a white palette (natch), or, our fave, the romantic L’Orangerie, evoking an Italian palazzo. Gourmet perk: Feast on Blanc’s roast duck with yuzu confit and blood orange “carpaccio” amid your exquisite digs. >>> London’s Te Berkeley hotel has launched it spring/summer “Pret-a-Portea” menu. Riffing on recent runway raves, the twee tea offers delicious confections in the shape of a Jason Wu frock or Chanel’s must-have clog of the season. >>> Check out refurbished uptown gem, Te Surrey, in NYC, where the quiet glamour of Sferra linens and a sophisticated gray, silver and cream color scheme is punched up with striking contemporary piecesbybuzzy artists like JennyHolzer.Speaking of buzz, the elegantly graffitied bar stools at Te Surrey’s Bar Pleiades have hosted everyone from movie stars to the Gossip Girls. Gourmet perk: room service from house restaurant Café Boulud. –N.S. 22 | | July/august 2010

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