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3 1. Jonathan Adler’s Peacock menorah lights eight nights. 2. Adler gets goyim with Naughty and Nice Christmas tree ornaments. 3. Areaware lets sparks fl y atop its minimalist menorah by Josh Owen. 4. Partridges will forsake their holiday pear tree for Areaware’s geodesic ornament, which turns into a post-holiday birdhouse. 26 | | December 2010 JASON WEEMS IMAGE BY RARAH PHOTO. THE RADAR | NOW! Q&A CLASS ACTION Baltimore-based comedian and kindergarten cop Jason Weems. Show Me the Funny! Jason Weems is a comedy machine. He performs four nights a week, from Baltimore to DC, and has ranked high on NBC’s Last Comic Standing . On December 4, he will fi lm a comedy special, Vol. 1: Intellectual Property , at The LOF/t in Baltimore. The punchline? He teaches kindergarten in Baltimore during the day. Teacher by day, comedian by night—Jason Weems is the superhero of jokes. –Evan Schwartz Tell me a joke. I used to keep my jokes on a piece of paper in a Ziploc bag. I thought they wouldn’t be fresh and I was trying to keep the funny in! Describe your style. I make sure my set feels like a uid stream of consciousness—you don’t know where one joke starts and another joke ends. How are you di erent from other comedians? I turn material over like crazy. If you come see me on a Wednesday night and then a ursday night, you’ll hear a completely di erent set. How does DC compare as a comedy town to New York or LA? In certain towns, you have to dumb down your material. Not here. It’s a great place to cut your teeth. at’s why Dave Chappelle, Tommy Davidson and Wanda Sykes are from here. Do your kindergartners nd you funny? ey’re 5. ey laugh at pretty much anything. But sometimes I’ll say something in front of the grown up crowd, and they’ll love it. en I’ll say it in front of the kids, and they’re like, "Nope!" 1 2 4 HOLIDAY HIP Designs of the Times It is hardly a shonda anymore for a family to celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah. Design teams are stepping up to allow your aesthetic for one to reach the other. No Hanukkah bushes here! Instead nd independent items that allow each holiday to stand hiply on its own. –K.S.S.

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