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20 best of n Ig h t l I f e 11 Aviary’s imaginative, involved take on a World War II-era Moscow Mule cocktail. 11 / 11 It’s coMPLIcATeD! photo by anthony tahlier St., remains largely a mystery, but the glimpses we’ve caught have us dying to hit the crazy-cool lounge, opening early this year. helmed by Alinea vet craig Schoettler, Aviary will serve, from an open kitchen, libations like an anything-but-old-fashioned old Fashioned; the drink comes encased in a frozen ice-egg that patrons crack with a spoon. Te beaut we’ve featured above, Aviary’s take on a Moscow Mule, combines ginger-lime ice fiakes made with liquid nitrogen, with, among other things, a garnish of lime cells, coriander fiower, Peychaud’s Bitters pudding and Fresno chili rings. your part? Much easier: Just add the sidecar of vodka and enjoy! 1 Genius culinary mad scientist Grant Achatz’s hugely anticipated new Aviary , at 955 W. Randolph 94 | | January 2011

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