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T he Tao of T herou x When not traveling, author Paul Th eroux , 70, divides his time between Cape Cod and rural O‘ahu. His nearly fi ve decades of fi ction, criticism and travel tales have examined mankind’s condition across cultural and geographic lines. Documenting his journeys by sail, rail, paddle and pedal, Th eroux is often described as a travel writer, but refers to himself as a writer who travels. In researching Th e Tao of Travel , published in May, Th eroux read and re-read some 300 books to assemble excerpts, anecdotes, commentary and quotes from travelers both famed and unknown, including his own works. “I realized there are a lot of travel books no one has read and wish people knew about them. I thought, wouldn’t it be great to put it all in a book?” Tao , Th eroux says, “is not a handbook of how to travel. It’s a literary guide for people who love to travel and love to read.” –Jon Letman meet the natIVes Curvacious Liaisons “ burlesque is for ever yone ! ” declares lola love, saucy samba dancer and co-founder of cherr y blos som cabaret , which celebrates its fi f th anniversar y this summer. and with the cheering, shoulder-to-shoulder crowds at cbc’s nights at apar tment 3, there’s no arguing with the troupe’s popularit y— especially among other women. inspired spectators of ten end up taking burlesque classes with cbc’s academy of tease to put some sass back in their step. but cherr y blossom girls do more than shimmy. they ’re also full-fl edged per formers who act , sing and choreograph. this June, cbc stages its fi rst play, Femme Capulet, at the aRtS at mark ’s Garage. the edgy adaption of Romeo and Juliet transpor ts the star-crossed heroine to none other than a burlesque house. cherr yblossomc abaret .com –K A bIz wIz South Centered Nea rly a yea r a f ter he braved fa shion’s fi ercest critic s, A ndy Sout h is back in t he spot lig ht w it h a ne w col lection, SOU T H. Michael Kors respected his vision, Nina Garcia saw his potential, and Tim Gunn whispered the message, “We have a winner” into his ear. Seemlingly overnight, A ndy South made the transition from fashion amateur to Project Runway superstar, garnering national attention for his sleek designs and his paradisiacal hometown, Waipahu. “I am designing with a diff erent purpose than on the show,” says the 23-year-S outh p hotoS by h a RolD Juli a n sOuTheRn COMfORT Left: south’s form-fi tting pieces elevate everday wear to struttable street chic. above: Designer and Project Runway star andy south old up-and-comer. “Th ere’s connectivity in the collection through the branding, and the pieces are made in fabrics that women can’t wait to put on and are resistant to take off !” W hen designing for the Hawai‘ i market he says, “I kept the layers light, so they could be built upon or paired with other items to be worn together on the East Coast or separately in tropical climates.” Eventually, the leather-clad trendsetter would love to incorporate precious stones and threads of gold and silver in his textiles. “Sometimes I am inspired by fabric or raw material, and sometimes I am inspired by a concept or a story,” he says. “Fashion should be enjoyed, not obeyed!” – LK Summer 2011 | | 23

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