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TRENDSETTER Several other tech companies are following in Gazdecki‘s footsteps and relocating their offices from Silicon Valley to S.D. TA K I N G C A R E O F B U S I N E S S Bizness Apps CEO Andrew Gazdecki relocates his successful startup from Silicon Valley to La Jolla. Step aside, Silicon Valley—one of the hottest tech startups has arrived in San Diego. The formerly Bay Area-based Bizness Apps, which produces more mobile apps than any company in the world, is counting on S.D. for a major competitive edge. “We’re already seeing benefits,” says wunderkind CEO Andrew Gazdecki , who launched Bizness Apps out of his dorm room at California State University, Chico, and landed angel investors before his diploma. “The main goal is to recruit the best. There’s a lot of talent here and we’re tapping into that. There’s also a lot of excitement about San Diego.” Adding to the attraction is Bizness Apps’ new La Jolla HQ. “Our office has wall-to-wall ocean views and tons of natural sunlight,” says the 27-year-old, a surfer who grew up in San Clemente. “As soon as we saw it, we knew this is where we’d spend the next several years building our company.” The buzzy 6-year-old startup—which has made Inc. ’s list of the country’s fastest-growing companies for two years running—offers a seriously simple solution for small business owners. So simple, in fact, that “one in 20 apps in the iTunes store was created with the Bizness Apps platform,” says Gazdecki. “We’re hoping to continue that sort of momentum.” Gazdecki believes Bizness Apps’ innovative, fast-paced culture is a perfect fit for San Diego. “We’re a fun place to work,” he says. “We’re bringing those San Francisco qualities with us. It’s an environment that people love and thrive in.” And he’s pretty sure other Silicon Valley startups will follow suit. “You don’t need to be in San Francisco to have a tech company or raise funding. We really want to put San Diego on the map in terms of being one of the best tech hubs in the country.” Now that’s taking care of business. biznessapps.com PHOTO BY AUBRIE PICK 81 MODERN LUXURY SAN DIEGO JUNE 2016

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