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S E T I N M OT I O N Nils Forsblom’s Adtile Technologies takes promotional advertising to a whole new level. When it comes to motion-sensing tech, San Diego’s Adtile Technologies is something of a holy grail. Helmed by Finnish-born tech entrepreneur Nils Forsblom , the Sorrento Valley company has pioneered a mobile ad platform resulting in some of the highest engagement rates in the world. And yet, “none of our engineers or design team have a background in marketing,” says founder and CEO Forsblom. “None of us like[s] ads. We wanted to create a format that doesn’t feel [promotional].” The company’s cutting-edge technology—Adtile holds 25 patents or patents-pending on its inventions, features, and utilities—takes advantage of the advanced sensors in smartphones, like gyroscopes and GPS. Ads, which run lean and mean on any mobile browser, interact with users using flashy interfaces that react to hand and arm movement. “People love experiences,” says Forsblom, who lives in La Jolla when he’s not traveling the world. “They want information and entertainment, but the information is secondary. If we give them entertainment, that translates to results for everybody.” With an average engagement rate of 30 percent, the returns are impossible to ignore. Even better? Adtile’s online tools make it easy for clients to create eye-catching advertisements, letting them design from a library of pick-and-choose elements that have undergone heavy-duty quality control. It’s a big shift from custom digital ads that cost upwards of $20,000 for a single design. “And all the tracking and analytics are baked right in,” says Forsblom, whose worldwide clientele includes Korea’s LG and Singapore’s Press Holdings. As an avid art collector whose family owns one of the largest contemporary galleries in Scandinavia, Forsblom found inspiration for Adtile’s latest technology, Air Pencil, while attending an Alexander Calder exhibit that featured oversize mobile phones and an artist quote that enthralled him: “Just as one can compose colors, or forms, one can compose motions.” Air Pencil, which also runs on a mobile browser, allows users to draw and record 2-D and 3-D shapes simply by moving their phone. “You can use the air as your canvas,” Forsblom says. “It’s incredibly accurate.” Choosing San Diego over Silicon Valley for its affordability and bright talent pool, the innovator is equal parts tinkerer, entrepreneur and artist. “My background is visual. Art needs to dictate engineering, not the other way around.” adtile.me GUTTER 83 MODERN LUXURY SAN DIEGO JUNE 2016

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